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We DO have flax seed available. We just can't think about planting it yet. Perhaps where you live, planting looks more promising. Flax is happiest when planted early, as soon as danger of killing frost is past and the ground is thawed.


Fiber Flax Seed

For 2021 we offer ONE variety, treated or untreated

"Nathalie" Fiber Flax seed - commercially grown seed from Holland. 3 ft. tall. This seed will do well in areas where the planting weather is normal to dry - can also be planted in wet ground, but risks rotting before germination. For wet areas we recommend the treated seed that is rot and mildew resistant.

Process as written in historical references (See Flaxcam section of this Web Site)

Instructions included.

Do note:

Flax is incompatible with itself for about 5 years on a plot of ground. This is not nutrient depletion but a real incompatibility. If you have limited garden space, we recommend planting enough to last for a few years instead of a tiny plot. Harvested and dried with the seeds removed, flax straw will store for a long time. If retted, the dry, retted straw will still work up into nice yarn decades later. Do store dry and away from mice.


4 ounces - enough for a 7' by 7' plot - choose variety of seed.

1. Nathalie, treated $6.50 + postage.

2. Nathalie, untreated $7.00 + postage.

Postage now varies by distance and weight.

If you order more than one 4 ounce packet, postage will be calculated for the entire shipment (usually less than for just one pack of seed).

To order seed, send email to info@woolgatherers.com

or use our Inquiry Form

Wisconsin residents will be charged 5.5% sales tax.

Be SURE to include shipping address!

We apologize for the rising shipping costs.

If ordering multiple packs, please inquire about shipping. Multiples will be charged actual shipping fee.

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