Handwovens For Sale

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Half linen. 50% cotton/50% linen. This is lovely fabric - mercerized cotton warp and single linen weft. Blends the best qualities of both fibers into a durable, absorbant fabric.

Large towels are 20" x 28" with matching handwoven hanger. These towels also make lovely table runners.

With proper care, this fabric will retain its beauty for many years.


Machine wash, warm or hot. No bleach. Front loading washers are kinder to the fabric.

Line dry - linen does NOT belong in a tumble dryer. Even once in the dryer makes changes to the smooth, crisp feel of the linen that cannot be undone.

Steam press.

Traditional Scandinavian pattern in natural linen on white cotton - $35 each to purchase use our Order Inquiry


Goose eye twill for a traditional look in bold colors - $35 each. Sold Out.

Classic multi-shaft drall in color. Several colors available ask when ordering- $35 each. To order use our Order Iniquiry.




Classic multi-shaft drall in natural linen weft - $35 each. To order use our Order Iniquiry.t


Patterned barleycorn with red or blue stripes - $35 each.Sold out.


Simple Crackle look. Blue linen weft. Both colors available in both pattern variants - $35 each. To order use our Order Iniquiry.


Current pattern in progress. Classic drall damask (satin weave) in natural and white. Expected completion end April 2013. $35 each. Sold out.



Original designs in cotton/linen.

Damask the old fashioned way - using a shaft drawloom to produce unique patterning with a smooth surface.

Mercerized cotton warp with fine Swedish linen weft. Woven at 60 epi.

Size varies.

Rectangular runners - $75

Square runners - $50

1 2
3 4


Original wool rugs.

Seine twine (cabled pre-stretched 100% cotton) warp for maximum strength.

Handspun wool weft. Natural shades augmented with hand dyed yarn done with natural dyes.

Braided or decoratively knotted fringes.

Size varies.

To order use our Order Iniquiry.


May be vacuumed, but NOT with rotating brush.

Beating or shaking alsos recommended.

Wash cool or warm by hand in large tub. Soak, rinse well and line dry.


   Natural colored Scottish Blackface and Herdwick wool in a classic weft face twill pattern.

   31" X 56"



 Natural colored Scottish Blackface and Herdwick woo in weft faced stripesl.

   31" x 58"



   Dramatic contrast in diagonal pattern - Border Leicester/Romney wool.

   26" x 50"



   Romney wool, natural grey and madder dyed in weft faced twill.

   31" x 38"



   Romney wool, natural dyed - birch bark, walnut - and natural brown in weft faced stripe pattern.

   31" x 54"


Shadow Twill rugs. This series is based on a twill pattern using two colors in a special sequence that allows the twill to "shadow" itself.


Left: Romney wool. Two shades of Inidigo - 27" x 39" - $220 Right: Romney wool. Two shades of Inidigo with white background - 27" x 46" - $250


Left: Icelandic wool, natural brown and rhamnus bark dyed.

27" x 41" - $220

Right: Icelandic wool, natural brown and rhamnus bark dyed.

27" x 46" - $250

rgr2Romney wool. Madder and rhamnus bark dyed - 27" x 42" - $220.