Strick Flax for Handspinning

Guide to Spinning Flax

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Here is a typical sample strick, as packaged.
To open, carefully find the ends of each winding. The side that is a little brown is the seed end. The light colored wrap is the root end. Opened strick, still twisted. Handle with care to avoid tangling the fibers before placing on distaff.It is best not to put more than 2 or 3 ounces of fiber on the distaff. At this point, carefully separate the fibers lengthwise into two or three bundles of fiber. Carefully wind the bundles to be stored back into twisted strick form.
Opened strick. The length of fibers lifted from the strick is 24-26". Sample skeins. The two at the top from one of our testers and the lower one from me (Sara von Tresckow). The yarn appearance and quality is pretty much the same.
Sized skein of yarn used in sample weaving. From skein pictured above. A small finished woven sample. Plain weave, 20 epi (8/cm). No warp breakage in the sample. Little or no stickiness.
Detail of woven fabric with no finishing. Shrinkage was only in the width.
Results of woven fabric test with various finishing techniques.
 To order strick, please use our Inquiry Form. We will weight out stricks to match your desired quantity as closely as possible.  Orders will be shipped the most economical way with an invoice enclosed. Preferred payment method is check.