Weaving Looms

The Woolgatherers provides 2-3 hours complimentary instruction with every loom purchase. In the case of the small looms, this is enough to provide instructions for warping, the first simple warp, and time to weave a small sample. It is our intent to be certain that you enjoy your weaving tools and understand how to use them well. Telephone support also available. The countermarche looms come wtih a CD covering assembly, tieup and warping.

This information is available separately - $30 plus $4 shipping and handling = $34. Please specify if needed for Ulla Cyrus(pivoting or floating lams) or Lilla model.

Countermarche Looms from Sweden

Click here for a short video demonstrating how to weave on the Lilla.

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Öxabäck Program

Click here for a brochure outlining the weaving program from Öxabäck (PDF)

LILLA from Öxabäck

Small footprint Countermarche Loom with Folding Back Beam

Unique Construction. Sturdy. Professional.

Instructional CD with annotated photos - Woolgatherers exclusive - included with each loom.


oxaback 1

The Ulla Cyrus Loom from Öxabäck

The Rolls Royce of Swedish looms

Nordic Pine frame with beech wear parts

Heavy shaped treadles with unique tieup simplifies weaving on a countermarche loom

Each loom is custom made

Shipped directly from Sweden to the customer



Instructional CD

Assembly, tieup, warping.....


To order:

Send payment by check or PaPal - email for PayPal is:


Be sure to include name and address.

If you no longer have a CD drive on your computer, the files can be sent electronically.

1. jYour Lilla Loom - instructions for the Lilla loom. Three slide presentations covering basic assembly, tieup and recommended warping method. $30 plus $4 shipping and handling.

2. nThe Ulla Cyrus loom - instructions for the Ulla Cyrus loom. Three slide presentations covering basic assembly, tieup and recommended warping method. $30 plus $4 shipping and handling. Please specify if your loom has pivoting or floating lams.

NEW! UNDERSTANDING THE COUNTERMARCHE LOOM I am including the handout from my classes at Midwest Weavers 2017 to provide more detailed information about the features of countermarche looms and the techniques best used to operate them. (PDF)

Click here for a short video of how the DutchMaster Loom operates.

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3/6/22 - We regret that due to advancinG age and health issues, we are no longer taking orders for these looms.

Spare parts will continue to be available.

More details to follow.

We produce these looms here in Fond du Lac.

They are designed to provide a small yet powerful loom that is suitable for home, travel and workshops.

Packs in a shoulder bag - just 10 pounds - qualifies as carry-on.


Small Looms  

INKLE loom from Ashford

RIGID HEDDLE looms from Ashford and Glimakra

TAPESTRY LOOM Freja from Glimakra

MULTI-SHAFT TABLE LOOMS from Ashford and Glimakra


Navajo Loom


Plans for a full sized Navajo loom (4' x 7') and warping frame.

Similar to one found at Hubbell Trading Post. Very sturdy.


Plans to Build a Carpet Loom (Knotted Pile or "Oriental" Carpets)

Full sized plans for the 17" loom described in Noreen Roberts book

"How to Make an Oriental Carpet"

Can be enlarged, details on plan.LOOM2

Price: $10.00