Rigid Heddle Loom Instruction

The Woolgatherers offers rigid heddle instruction on the following topics:

Rigid Heddle looms have become quite popular as a way to begin weaving. They are portable, versatile and relatively inexpensive. Rigid heddle looms also offer an excellent small loom to sample various techniques quite professionally.

While they do not replace multi-shaft floor or table looms, they offer many creative possibilities.

When you purchase a rigid heddle loom from The Woolgatherers, it includes a two hour introductory lesson that covers the functionality of the loom, applying the first warp and weaving a few inches. For most purchasers this, and the basic books - "Ashford Book of Rigid Heddle Weaving" and "Hands on Rigid Heddle Weaving" are sufficient to get a new weaver off to a productive beginning.  


1. Rigid heddle loom basics (if you did not purchase the loom from us)

Learn direct warping, functionality of the loom, basics of inserting weft, appropriate material choices, suitable project ideas for beginners.

2-3 hours - bring your loom - any brand - Warp available in the shop, weft can be from your stash or ours.




2. Open weave structures - leno, Spanish lace, Danish medallions

Short linen warp to practice the lovely techniques of using open spaces artfully in simple textiles

2-3 hours




3. Pile weaves - rya and knotted pile for small mats, coasters and hangings

The rigid heddle loom is well suited for simple pieces using various pile weaves.

Includes - rya - with yarn or unspun fleece and knotted pile with the same knots used in Oriental rugs

2-3 hours







Oaxacan pattern


4. Southwest style tapestry on the rigid heddle loom - 2 sessions

Professional looking tapestry pieces are easily made with a rigid heddle loom. Runners, wall hangings, tote bage, mug rugs.

This class teaches the traditional joins of the Southwest and how to design and execute simple, yet attractive pieces.

2 sessions - a week apart so that this somewhat slow technique can be applied and practiced.

2 sessions of 2-3 hours

Bags with Diagonals Face Back



5. Fabrics for the home - table linens, open weaves- 2 sessions

Placemats, table runners, towels, hangings, casement cloths - includes discussion of suitable materials and setts, pickup techniques.

2 sessions of 2-3 hours



6. Simple loom shaped clothing - 2 sessions

Beyond scarves, vests, tunics, bog jackets and other loom shaped garments can easily be made on the rigid heddle loom.

This class requires a 24" rigid heddle loom for the larger pieces needed for garments.

2 sessions of 2-3 hours


There is no fixed schedule. To book a class, contact us at

info@woolgatherers.com or call 920-907-0510

Set a date that is convenient for you. Deposit required.  
Groups welcome - discounts available with more than 3 students. All classes can be ported to your location if there is a group interested. Call for details.