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NEW SPINNING WHEELS FROM ASHFORD AND LOUET - for details click on the model for manufacturers data.Top

* =In Stock unfinished lacquered
ASHFORD SPINNING WHEELS - sturdy, dependable, affordable    
ASHFORD TRADITIONAL, single drive basic model $679* $819
ASHFORD TRAVELLER, single drive, double treadle, $705* $865
ASHFORD JOY2 , double treadle , lacquered, assembled, carry bag   $900
ASHFORD JOY 1, sinGle drive, single treadle, lacquered, assembled   $760*
JOY carry bag   $159.90
ASHFORD TRADITIONAL, double drive $715 $849
ASHFORD TRAVELLER , double drive $735 $899
ASHFORD KIWI 3, functional at an affordable price, many accessories available $549 $699
ASHFORD Country Spinner2 $779* $949
ASHFORD electronic Spinner 3   $850
LOUET SPINNING WHEELS - bobbin lead, need no lubrication, smooth action    
LOUET S17 kit , single treadle, affordable, unfinished kit $350*  

CLEMES & CLEMES Modern Wheel, Double Drive

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Free lesson with wheel purchase. If you already know how to spin, we show you how to use and maintain the wheel of your choice.

Spinning Fibers                 Top of Page Description Price


Strick Flax - about 6 ounces each - from Egypt

Nice quality. For spinning from a distaff. Water retted, nice color.




1lb or more $2.00/ounce


Hemp roving, origin Romania



Churro Roving from New Mexico

Excellent for rugs and felting. Put edging from something softer around it and make lovely rustical garments.

Well prepared - spins like butter


Grey (there is a lighter grey as well, but not distinctly different from that pictured)





Eider Wool

From the sheep that graze the sea dikes of N. Germany.

Doesn't felt easily for gently machine washable items. Sturdy, somewhat coarse with bounce - not really scratchy.

Excellent prep. Drafts smoothly. Very easy to spin.

$1.25 per ounce

$20 per pound


from Great Britain

Makes lovely woolen knitting or weaving yarn. Felts well.

Beautiful natural colors

$1.50 per ounce













f Fawn
m Moorit
b Black/Brown

from New Zealand

Makes great knitwear. Good felting wool.


Colors - lt. grey, dk. grey, dk. brown




$1.60 per ounce

$1.75 per ounce


Tasmanian Polwarth obr

Oatmeal or Brown

fine, soft

lovely colors

$1.40 per ounce

from New Zealand

Strong, smooth wool - works for outerwear as well as durable rugs

White, lt. , off white



$1.10 per ounce

Grey Gotland g Long, smooth, lustrous $1.25 per ounce
Falkland f

from South America

Fine wool, good crimp AND bounce. Makes lovely knitting yarn. Easy to spin.


$1.15 per ounce

Merino 64 m

from Australia

Not superfine, but lovely soft Merino. Easy to felt.

$1.70 per ounce
We have more unspun fiber - stop in for surprises and short term specials.