Ideas for Clothing and Household Items



Summer 2016 - Tablecloth


Tablecloth designed to use 2.5 pounds of handspun linen thread that was not entirely consistent. 8/2 unmercerized cotton in strong stripes formed the warp. Weft was broken with narrow cross stripes - measured with a hem gauge rather than a set number of picks. Woven in 2 panels, connected with a plain inkle band in dark blue warp thread.



Spring 2016 - Latest Knotted Pile Rug

Design taken from black and white scan of slate paving. Cleaned scan was then given coloration and a border.

236 knots per row for 325 rows equals 76,000 plus individual knots.

Warp is 3-ply Navajo warp, 15 epi for about 8 knots per inch.

Weft is Karakul - some handspun from natural colored fleeces provided by Letty Klein's herd - some commercial from Aniroonz sheep farm in CO - some from Old Man Wool Farm in MN - some from Checkmate Farms in VA.

Project was on loom (Cranbrook) for over a year.


Rug on loom


Finished rug


Original design idea - scanned


Colorized Cartoon



In October 2009, I attended a Oaxacan tapestry class in Door County, Wisconsin at the studio of Wence Martinez. Wence began weaving on a scholarship to an art school in Mexico City at the age of 14. Check out his web site for some really lovely pieces.

This small sample is a result of the techniques practiced. It has been "approved" while we visited Door County over Memorial Day weekend.

Woven on a 16" Ashford rigid heddle loom using Maysville rug warp and Lanalloft coned singles from Brown Sheep, it has a nice look and feel. This is a prototype for a rug warp using Navajo wool warp and handspun weft.