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Scarf - woven on DutchMaster loom. 8-shaft undulating twill.

Warp - Silk/Camel blend from Louet fibers.

Weft - Dark brown alpaca top

Sett 24 epi


11   12
Completed scarf. Extremely soft. Nice drape.   Closeup of scarf showing twisted fringes.


Coopworth Sweater

Pattern designed using Sweater Wizard softward. Pattern a simple twisted rib throughout.

16   15
One whole fleece, consistently spun, on line to dry.   Completed yarn - sport weight. 4mm needle.
14   13
Detail of twisted rib pattern.   Completed sweater.




Sweater for me - Falkland wool, Indigo dyed. To make it go faster
I used sportweight 2-ply doubled - partly to even out the abrash and got
a nice effect.




GRANDDAUGHTER MELEA ANNE - Providing opportunities to make neat things

of handspun yarn. Photos below.
Christmas Project - Meet HUMPhrey - made from yarn spun from camel hair supplied at no charge by the Milwaukee County Zoo - after Melea had her "Tamel Ride".
Knit from yarn spun from the softer piece. Hair on hump and head from hairy piece - put in
place with a felting needle.
Pattern used - zebra/horse and modified.
10Melea and Humphrey
Materials for camel project - yarn, soft hair, hairy hair.
Baby sweater in 2-ply superfine Merino DOUBLED. The yarn was so fine that for knitting a double strand was needed. Same yarn was used in weft for the "ethnic" long skirt pictured on home page. "Model" is Melea Anne, our new granddaughter. 12/28/01.
Bigger Melea sweater - this one is intended for the sandbox. Pattern is one I did for her Dad when he was in kindergarten. Yarn is grey Romney 2-ply- some overdyed with madder.
And now some mittens and a cap - Boo's never been to a place with winter and will be in Wisconsin over Christmas. Used some nice, soft Shetland here. Red is madder again.
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